An Agreement With Myself

I was super excited to have been tagged by someone I follow. To be honest initially I read to see when and where I was mentioned in the posts, but I got totally got caught up in the message she was bringing over #maidsdayoff

This is an excellent piece P.S. I’m stealing those four agreements and applying it to my life 😀

Maid's Day Off

Day 9: Get Inspired by the Neighbors

Over the course of this Blogging 101 class, I have lost count of how many blogs I’ve visited, liked, commented on and followed. I am in awe of how many talented people I have run across as I try (unsuccessfully) to read everyone’s posts. It is truly humbling.

As part of yesterday’s assignment, I commented on several posts and two particularly resonated with me. The first was “Writing – With or Without Inspiration” by Ashley Kagaoan, who discussed the importance of a writing routine, even when your muse is silent. The other was “Embrace Your Voice” by Kerwayne Perry, emphasizing the importance of being your authentic self in your writing and not following the herd.

As I read both of these bloggers’ posts, I pondered what it really means to be a writer. I don’t always feel qualified to refer to…

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Time Will Tell

So I’ve been looking (well just happen to notice actually) the stats on our blogging 101 site. You can check it out when you get the time.


It seems that our best day; when we had the most views was on Monday; the first day. Immediately after which we had a HUGE drop in views which tells me one of three thing.

  • People don’t think that the program is helpful which we all know couldn’t be further from the reality.
  • People are too busy and don’t get the time to write much less post on their blog. though, mind you, they had sufficient time to start by creating their blog. That doesn’t sound reasonable.

So, I submit that…….

  • They simply (as we all sometimes do) don’t know what to write.

Now, if that be the case then the solution is simple; like Nikejust do it” Forget how. Forget when. Just stop reading this post and just write. You can write anything. You can even write about not knowing what to write even. 😀

Just write 🙂


Kerwayne Perry

Embrace Your Voice

Without a doubt the concept “blogging and community” is critical to the life of your blog. It is equally important however that we maintain our individuality through it all.

As we interact with other bloggers and their sites, especially as young bloggers, we will encounter many widgets, themes and visual techniques that seem to enhance their blogs. You will see writing techniques, key words, puns and metaphors that resonates with their audience.

Now you may be tempted to replicate many of the same on your site. But….


We must remember, that works for them and fits their persona, and their audience. It may not fit ours. Moreover their audience is their audience. We have to find our audience and the only way to find your audience is to use our voice. People must be able to sense your individuality, your personality, your genuineness. So quite simply, BE YOURSELF.
People appreciate when your real with them. People want our reality.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against us learning from each other but at the same time we must love and appreciate our own voice because it has value, it has worth and only we can say what we have to say in the way that only we can sat it.

Let us embrace our voice.

Kerwayne Perry

Summer In The Sand

I’ve been seeing the posts. It’s summer and everyone is going to the beach. Everybody sun tanning in the sand and giving everyone else the impression that their vacationing in the islands.

But you’re not fooling me though. I can see the not-so-brown white sand. I can see the far from blue waves washing against the coastal shore. We all know you’re right here in Guyana. Yes!! You weren’t the only person, who upon hearing that Marriott’s beach was open to the public, rushed to check it out. We were there too.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not against all the fun and the kicks that come in convince others that you’re in Antigua or Aruba. But at some point let’s just give our country some props.

If you’re going to the beach be patriotic about it

When you make your posts, you can still hashtag Guyana, hashtag Marriott; even just #592. As much as many of us hated the project from the onset, it’s here now. It’s part of Guyana. By the way, It’s funny to see everyone that was up in arms against the Marriott are the ones that running to take selfies on the beach. P.S. That was not a political statement; just an ironic pointer.

But the point I’m trying to make is that if our pictures can easily be mistaken for another country; a seemingly better country, then as Guyanese we should be proud to favor it with a local hashtag. Let everyone know that you don’t have to leave Guyana to enjoy certain leisure and so that the Guyanese overseas can be like my friend who commented on my beach post, “Which part of gt is this Perry?” Let’s give Guyana homage. She deserves it.

Guyana is a beautiful land. It’s worth the time to throw back and let it all soak in.

Blogging & Community

Many of us make the mistake in thinking that blogging is just about posting and getting our points out there but It’s not. That is only a piece of the pie.

Blogging is all about community. If you just post then sit and wait for the likes and comments to start rolling in, (unless you are a super star who just has readers sitting up waiting for his next posts which most like you’re not) then you’re just wasting your time; time that could be better spent engaging with other blogs. Community is key to both sharpening your skills as a blogger and creating a fan base for your own blog. How so?

We are interested in people who are interested in us.

It’s a fact, unless someone shows interest in your blog it’s very unlikely you are even think about reading theirs. So what makes you think that everyone else doesn’t think just like you? Take the time to show genuine interst in another’s blog and see what the result will be.



Vantage Point

I didn’t have to find my title; my title just found me. It wasn’t as if I had a blog title and had to write posts that correspond with it. I just wrote my first post then I was like…

What name can suites this type of post?

It’s kind of like what a poet does, he just writes; just let his thoughts flow out on paper however random and inconsistent they may be then restructure and afterwards give it its title.

I see I shared a little secret about how I write just there. 😀

But I remember when I wrote my first post on my first blog called leh she guh long she f*cking way.

I was actually on the bus park in a bus upset about how the conductor was treating both passengers and potential costumers. So instead of giving him a piece of my mind which would have just fueled his foul attitude, I decided to write. I really did not intend to write the blog but to just put my pen to work.

When I got home though for some strange reason I decided to put it in a blog. I made my first post and remarkably it received a notable response; remarkably. I didn’t know so many people held such a strong view on the topic.

So when it came to thinking about a title and tag line, I sat there and it just came to me “Vantage Point: The unheard voices of the silent”

That was two weeks ago, now I’m here trying to learn everything I need to know to produce an excellent blog.

Who I am and why I’m here


Simple Guy

Hello world, I’m a simple guy from simple land, Guyana; the home of natural beauty, rich culture, diverse people and the best food in the region. I’m student of the University majoring in Civil Engineering so I’m kind of the DIY kind of guy; while at the same time having a passion for Psychology and the Arts; the combination is strange I know (That’s just the tip of the iceberg). 

My Voice, Your Voice, Our Voice.

It’s my belief that everyone has a voice; something within them that they can offer the world in a way only they can. I believe that we are all gifted and have something to share with each other to build each other up. I think that blogging is an excellent way to share ourselves with each other. So as much as I hope to share with everyone, I hope to also learn from everyone because as bloggers (whether we realize it or not) we are the voice for the faction of people fit in with and we are tasked with making their voices heard and their views known through our own.

Because I’m not blogging for the sake of blogging, I will always be talking about things I feel deeply about that seem to affect me and the people around, whatever the topic may be I will not put myself in any box.

Life is a lessons every man is my teacher; so to each I open myself to learn. – Kerwayne Perry